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Meet David Daley

Years working in the trades and in the metal industry taught him the value of hard work, and the value of working with great people. In these previous careers, he saw evidence of the difference that having a financial plan has on the probability of successful outcomes. Having a sound plan not only helps us in making informed decisions and mitigates negative events, but also gives us peace of mind and the time to live our lives. David knows that running a business is more than a full-time job and working with the right team increases the chances of success. Economist Adam Smith first articulated the principle of comparative advantage, wherein each member of your team can produce an economic surplus. This applies to employees of a company as well to the advisors and professionals that inform your personal decisions. Strong principles should also inform our investing decisions – such as knowing that time in the market is often better than timing the market, the market is often in a state of reversion to the mean, diversification is crucial, and that temperament and discipline are paramount. In 2020, his wife inspired him to follow his passion for financial planning. His career began both in a back office and client facing capacity, but something was still missing. When his son was born, he knew that the work he did had to match his personal mission. David’s mission is to better provide for his family by helping employers, employees, and families make effective financial decisions with confidence. David continues to be involved with the local business community, working with various associations and organizations to better understand the economic landscape. He also serves as the Treasurer of IENC, a non-profit whose mission is to support the continuity of care for seniors and families through education. David grew up in Southern California, where he still lives today with his wife and three children. He hopes to promote financial literacy and that Daley Financial Planning has a positive effect on his community, where he and many others live and raise future generations. He one day hopes to break 100 on the golf course, to be a hobby machinist, and to master his skills in the kitchen.

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Say Hello To Tal Daley

Consultant Tal Daley has over 35 years of investment industry experience. Before retiring in 2016, Tal held senior positions at Legg Mason and its affiliates. He began his career as a financial advisor in 1984 and by 1986 was promoted to Assistant Branch manager. In 1987 Tal was named Chief Market Strategist of Legg Mason’s research department. In 1991 Tal was asked to lead the development of the mutual fund distribution effort for Legg Mason’s growing mutual fund family. His management responsibilities included the marketing, sales, operations, and technology platforms. He also managed the direct sales operation of the Legg Mason Funds. Importantly, Tal believed that sales of Legg Mason’s mutual funds should be based on economic and investment conditions, not how “hot” a fund was at any given time. Tal created the Intellectual Capital Group within LM Funds Marketing to provide advisors a research-based rationale for considering Legg Mason’s funds. Tal moved to Legg Mason’s affiliate, Legg Mason Capital Management, in 2007 as the head of the Investment Specialist Group, working directly with advisors and wholesalers. In 2012 Legg Mason Capital Management was absorbed by another Legg Mason affiliate, ClearBridge Investments, where Tal became the Managing Director and Senior Investment Specialist. Throughout Tal’s career, he has believed that investment decisions should be based on the intersection of economics, markets, policy, and behavior. This is a more complex investment decision-making process, but Tal believes it can lead to better long-term outcomes. During retirement Tal has provided scholarships for history and business majors at Susquehanna University. Tal has been on the Governance Board of the Sigmund Weis School of Business River Hawk fund, an equity portfolio managed by students. He has also served on the SWSB Executive Council which advises the faculty of the business school. Tal has twice been Chairman of Junior Achievement of Central Maryland. In his communities Tal has been the President of the Southland Hills Community Association and the Oakhampton Community Association, both in the Towson, MD area. Tal is currently the Treasurer of the Pelican Creek Condominium Association in Bonita Springs, FL. Previously, Tal was on the board of the Maryland Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Tal has four children and six grandchildren. He enjoys golf, history, cooking and traveling with his wife Sue.

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