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How Much Does Investment Management Cost?

We aim to be different. Our goal is to design sound portfolios with truly transparent pricing and a refreshingly modern experience.

Transparent Pricing for Your Investments

0.8% annually, billed monthly up to the first million, 0.6% over one million.

The financial industry is not the best when it comes to fee transparency. We wanted a better answer to "What does it cost to manage investments?"

Other fees you might not be told about:

  • Platform Fees

  • Transaction Fees

  • Third Party Management Fees

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How We Built Our Company

When I founded Daley Financial Planning, there were several options as to how to form the company. I decided it was best to be a fiduciary and a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. 

Captive firms, insurance companies, and even independent broker-dealers can have proprietary products, but they also have some level of control over what investments you're allowed to use, how much you have to charge, and even who you are allowed to work with. I decided that being fully independent was the best way to serve my clients.

We are committed to minimizing or eliminating platform fees, transaction fees, and we do not pay third party management fees.

Our Custodian: Altruist

As a fully independent firm, we have a lot of choices when it comes to custodians. Ultimately, we decided that Altruist was the best investment platform to serve our clients. Here are a few of the reasons why.

No platform fees or investment minimums.
Industry leading returns on cash held within accounts.
Fully digital, modern platform on mobile and desktop.

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How We Invest For You

Commission's and expense ratios are common ways that we can lose sight of the cost of investing. As a fee-only firm, we do not accept any commissions. Because we are not affiliated with a broker-dealer or investment company, we are able to have complete freedom over the funds we use. We use both passive and active ETF's to build our portfolios.

We use a combination of passive funds, which have lower expense ratios, and active funds that have more specific goals in mind. 

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