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How Much Does Financial Planning Cost?

Not every financial planning need is the same. This is why we designed our pricing to fit your needs.

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Financial Planning Foundations

$100-$200 a month based on complexity

We understand that financial planning can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make holistic financial planning more accessible. We will work together from a one page financial plan and accomplish one "next best thing" at a time.

Problems you might be trying to solve:

  • Are you using your money wisely?

  • Do you have the right mix of assets?

  • Can you retire? (We prefer "make work optional")

What you will accomplish:

  • Confidence in your financial decisions.

  • Knowing where you stand financially.

  • More focus on the things that really matter.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

$200-$400 a month based on complexity

We find that Financial Planning Foundations is the right size solution for the vast majority of people who need help making good financial decisions. There are things that require more detailed information and more comprehensive financial planning.

Problems you might be trying to solve:

  • How do I model debt payoff strategies?

  • Do Roth conversions actually make sense?

  • What are my tax-efficient distribution options?

What you will gain:

  • Strategic distribution strategies.

  • Cash flow monitoring.

  • Detailed financial planning reports.


Exclusive Benefits To Our Financial Planning Clients

  • Access to an exclusive high yield account.

  • Cost effective trust formation and restatements (additional fees apply)

  • A fiduciary a phone call away

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