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Small Business Retirement Plans

Whether you have zero or fifty employees, the right small business retirement plan can make a big difference.

How an advisor benefits your business

Finding the best options to empower yourself and your employee's future

Offering a retirement plan be a great employer benefit to you and your employees. If you're in California and you have an employee, having a plan is required. If you don't have an employee, you have a lot of flexibility. 

What you might be wondering:

  • Is CalSavers a good choice for me?

  • Are you providing competitive benefits?

  • Are you maximizing tax benefits?

List of various retirement plan providers

Plan Selection and Design

Understanding what you want to accomplish is the first step to choosing the the right type of employer retirement plan for your business.

401(k) Plan

​401(k) plans are highly customizable and have high contribution limits

But they also have higher costs and more complex administration

Profit Sharing Plans

Profit Sharing Plans have high limits and flexible contributions
But they also have higher cost and more complex administration


SEP IRAs have flexible contributions and are easier to manage
But they also have lower limits and no employee contributions

Retirement Plan Benchmarking

Employer retirement plans are seen as a set it and forget it benefit. It is important to review your plan and make sure it is still the right fit.

Performance Comparison

Benchmark your plan's performance against industry standards

Fee Analysis

Evaluate internal and external fees against other providers

Improvement Recommendations

Identify opportunities for enhancing benefits or service

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Financial Planning for Employees

Most business owners want to see their employees succeed. Many retirement plan portals will have some form of financial wellness function. It may not be great, and it probably wont be used. In our opinion, you can't beat having a professional to talk to. We offer basic financial planning to participants in our small business retirement plans. 

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